Operates off 24 Volt DC, NATO plug or 120 Volt charger!

SEID-20 Run Flat
1 operator
15 Minutes
Tire range up to 20"

SEID-17 Run Flat
1 operator
5 minutes
Tire range up to 17"

The market choice for reliability and long lasting performance, the Scorpion Extraction Insertion Device (SEID) is designed for tires with run flat inserts.

The SEID is an ultra-portable expeditionary device requiring one operator in as little as 5 minutes. The entire device can fit in the back of a single HMMWV without any disassembly.


The SEID-17 is perfect for tires up to 17".

This device is designed to be transportable in light duty trucks and is easily forkliftable.

Best of all, the SEID-17 only requires a single operator and can replace a run-flat insert in under 5 minutes.


The SEID-20 is the big brother to the SEID-17. Designed for tires up to 20", this device is still single operator based.

The SEID-20 has a 15 minute cycle time and has numerous tie-down configurations to accommodate many modes of transportation.

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